Tiverton Historical Society Gives Annual Meeting Update

The society recently met to review 2011.

Thanks to the Tiverton Historical Society for sharing the following report from its 2011 annual meeting.

Led by President Paul Cellemme and Vice President Jeffrey Cobb, the members heard a laundry list of physical improvements to the Chace–Cory property, the Society’s historic headquarters at the Tiverton Four Corners—a new cedar-shake roof on the 18th century corn crib, an 18th century-style cap on the main house’s chimney to curb water damage, rebuilding of the north and east boundary stonewalls, an updated security system, to name a few. 

The Society is home to many important artifacts and papers relating to Tiverton’s long history. Perhaps most important is an original c1679 copy of the Puncatest Purchase, first land grants for what would become South Tiverton. Few original copies are believed to have been made and it is not known how many copies still exist. President Cellemme stated the Society plans to exhibit this rare document in the climate controlled area of the new Tiverton Library. Copies of the Puncatest Purchase will be available on DVD through the Society. 

Conservation of artifacts and paper is an ongoing effort of the Society and Jeffrey Cobb, Vice President, announced that a very rare and fragile Revolutionary War flag has recently been sent to the University of Rhode Island for conservation and stabilization. The flag is believed to be from the Washington Light Infantry, charged with protecting then General Washington. Many Tiverton men served in that Infantry and the Society is seeking the names and family histories of those soldiers to display with the flag when it returns to the Chase-Cory House. Cost of restoration of the flag is expected to be around $1500. 

Among the many opportunities for volunteers to roll up their sleeves is the upcoming restoration of the Edna Cory Snell Memorial Garden on the Chase-Cory campus. Mrs. Snell was a longtime guardian of Tiverton history and a treasured Tiverton resident. Work to restore the 18th century-style garden, beginning in the spring, will include an heirloom herb and vegetable varieties. 

Officers, returning and newly elected Directors for the Historical Society are as follows: 
President: Paul Cellemme 
Vice President: Jeffrey Cobb 
Treasurer: Mary Wehle 
Assistant Treasurer, Membership and Dues: Mary Jane Cobb 
Secretary: Richard Taylor 

Director Emeritus: Carlton C. Brownell

Christopher Blanchette: THS Archeologist and Archivist 
Kirsten Oblinger Blanchette: Schools liaison/Visits Coordinator 
Deborah Williamson 
Michael Williamson 
Victor St. Laurent 
Glenn Allen 
Cynthia Allen 
Ken DeCosta 
John Manchester

The Officers and Board of Directors will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 31, at 7:30 p.m. at the , Tiverton Four Corners. All members are welcome to attend.

The Historical Society also mourns the loss of Director H. Glenn Reed, who passed on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

Reader January 06, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Good to see this important group active again!
Joe Sousa. January 06, 2012 at 04:51 PM
More of the wonderful volunteers who make our town a community. Preserving our history and the way people lived in earlier times. It also creates work for local craftsman. Win Win


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