When is Tiverton's Last Day of School?

Hurricane winds and blizzard snows have lengthened the school year in Tiverton. Do you know when your child's last day of school is?


Thanks to blizzard snow days, hurricane force wind cancellation days, and widespread power outages this year, a couple of people have asked, "When's the last day of school?"

Rhode Island students must get 180 days of instruction every year. When school is canceled for weather or other events, students must either make the days up at the end of the school year or replacing them from vacation dates.

During Tuesday's Tiverton School Committee meeting, Supt. William Rearick recmmended Tiverton's students make up for this year's four school-day cancellations at the end of the year.

Under the amended school calendar - which the committee approved - students will be in school through Wednesday, June 26. Senior High School graduation is still scheduled for June 14.


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