Student Makes Gun Threat on Portsmouth School Bus

A Portsmouth High School student has been suspended after allegedly making a threat on a school bus.

Portsmouth High School student has been suspended after allegedly threatening to bring a gun to school, reports The Portsmouth Times

The student at Portsmouth High School, which also serves as the high school for Little Compton students, was allegedly heard making the threat on a school bus. The incident was investigated by the Portsmouth Police Department. 

“There was no firearm, nor was there going to be one,” said Portsmouth Principal Robert Littlefield in a statement e-mailed to parents on Thursday. 

“This morning (Thursday) we received word that a student riding to school on a bus was overheard making references to obtaining a firearm and bringing it to school.

“Once this was brought to our attention we immediately notified the Portsmouth Police Department and asked for their assistance in investigating the matter.

"... “I want to commend the students who came forward. Their concern and courage to speak up are admirable. Also admirable is the relationship between staff members and students that was characterized by trust and made students feel comfortable in reporting what they heard." 


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