Little Compton Schools Ask For 3% Increase in 2014

Little Compton schools are asking the town for an increase in the 2014 budget for the first time in three years.

Little Compton Schools are asking for a 3 percent increase in funding from the town next year.

If approved, this would be the first increase of the past three years. This is an increase that school officials claim is necessary to ensure continuation of the district's education plane. 

School officials disallowed public commentary at Wednesday's meeting, but encouraged community members to attend the committee's Feb. 6 meeting that would be concentrated on the budge and public response.

"Certainly we could raise or lower our budget," said Supt. Kathryn Crowley. "I try to be fair, but we need to continue this sound program."

Crowley told residents that the school department budget was still in flux as it awaits final tallies on 2014-15 student enrollment and the final figures for education in the governor's budget.

Crowley said the most ambiguous area's of the district's budget this year was the special education fund and the kindergarten need.

The School Committee will meet next on Feb. 6 at 28 Commons in Little Compton to discuss the budget in more detail and hear from the public.

Kevin Healey January 31, 2013 at 11:32 PM
The LC Budget Committee has forcast an override of the 4% Tax Cap by approximately 2 points related to the school building refurbishment costs. That equals a 6% increase in the FY 2014 budget. Throw in the 3% increse the School Department is seeking and that equals 9%. Increases in the school budget can never be reversed. We also know that the new town employees contracts provide for a 3% increase in pay. We have to stop the bleeding before we are faced with a 10% increase. This is a time of cutting spending at all levels of government, not increasing spending. At least hold the line as we have for the past several years.


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