Fort Barton Students Raise More Than $200 For New Tiverton Library

They presented a check to the Tiverton Library Foundation last week.

An after school club at raised more than $200 for the new Tiverton library, and presented a check to its foundation last week.

This spring, teachers Alane Del Deo and Amy Codega ran an after-school program at the school and did a variety of projects and fundraisers. According to Kathy Ryan, president of Friends of Tiverton Librarie, one of the students had the idea to hold a gently-used booksale and donate the proceeds toward the new Tiverton Public Library. Ryan said they had an amazing response and earned more than $200. 

The students put a lot of time and effort into planning, hanging posters, sending notices home, collecting books and running the book sale during Reading Week, April 9 through April 13.

Ryan added this is another example of children pulling together to benefit the library, as they did so creatively after the . 

Fundraisers are beginning all over town, Ryan said, from the , to a 10' memorial donated for sale at Manchester's Tree and Landscaping, to the Common Cents Pennydrive, to a at the track.

For more information, visit www.tivertonlibrary.org.


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