Tiverton-Little Compton Official Results Unchanged By Mail-In Ballot Tallies

Unofficial results remained unchallenged by additional mail-in votes counted at the state Board of Elections this week.


Almost 500 mail-in ballots did not unhinge the unofficial results tallied in Tiverton and Little Compton on Tuesday.

After two days of counting, the state Board of Elections released the mail-in ballot tallies on Thursday evening.

Despite bolstering the numbers, the lineups in each of Tiverton and Little Compton's contested races remained unchanged from the unofficial results previously reported.

On the Tiverton Town Council four incumbents retained their seats, welcoming aboard three new councilors.

Two council members, David Nelson and Robert Coulter, lost their bid for re-election, while Cecil Leonard did not run for re-election this term.

Voters showed strong support for council President Jay J. Lambert, who once again was the highest vote-getter with 3,115 votes. Edward A. Roderick, Brett N. Pelletier and Joan Chabot will also return to the council as it convenes for the first time with its new lineup on Tuesday, Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall, 343 Highland Road.

"This is an affirmation of the hard work we have done over the past two years," said Pelletier after learning the results. "This is a good night. I'm having a good time."

Three new faces on are Denise M. deMedeiros, James J. Arruda and William P. Gerlach.

"I'm humbled," said Gerlach, on Tuesday after learning he had earned a seat on the council. "I think that is a lot of people who came out to support me as a first-time candidate and I am humbled and looking forward to serving my fellow Tivertonians. There is a lot of work to do, and I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and hit the ground running."

One new face will be added to the Tiverton School Committee.

Jerome M. Larkin will join incumbents Sally A. Black, chairwoman, and Carol J. Herrmann. Committeewoman Danielle Coulter did not run for re-election.

"First of all I want to thank all the voters," said Black, after once again learning she was the highest-vote getter among School Committee candidates. "I think it will be a very smooth transition, (Herrmann, Larkin and I) have been going door to door together and we have gotten to know each other going to more than 3,000 houses."

On the Tiverton Budget Committee, the three incumbents seeking re-election retained their seats and welcomed three fresh faces.

Voters re-elected Laura L. Epke, David Perry, and Alexander J. Cote.

Newly elected members are Joseph F. Bento III, Joshua A. Mello, and Madeline L. O'Dell.

O'Dell strengthened and 18-vote win over seventh-place voter-getter Robert H. Hayden, gaining an addition eight votes.

In Little Compton, just under 200 mail-in ballots were not enough to skew results in any of the town's three contested races.

Review the final tallies below:

Tiverton Candidates:

Tiverton Town Council Candidates (7 seats)


Jay J. Lambert (Incumbent) 3,115

Denise M. DeMedeiros


Edward A. Roderick (Incumbent) 2,027 James J. Arruda 2,963 Brett Nicholas Pelletier (Incumbent) 2,853 Joan B. Chabot (Incumbent) 2,593 William P. Gerlach 2,576

Renee DeJesus-Jones


Robert D. Coulter (Incumbent)


Nancy L. Driggs 2,310 Joseph R. Sousa 2,164 David M. Nelson (Incumbent) 2,131 Peter A. Mello 2,105 Donald Bollin 1,841


Tiverton School Committee Candidates (3 seats) Votes Sally A. Black (Incumbent) 3,747 Carol J. Herrmann  (Incumbent) 2,936 Jerome M. Larkin 2,882 Susan E. Anderson 2,599 Justin D. Katz 2,456 Ruth E. Hollenbach 2,226


Tiverton Budget Committee Candidates (11 seats)  Votes  Joseph F. Bento, III 2,963 Joshua A. Mello 2,598 Laura L. Epke 2,579 David Perry 2,434 Alexander J. Cote 2,393 Madeline L. O'Dell 2,303 Robert H. Hayden 2,277 Mark R. Larsen 2,174 John J. Martin 2,134 Jeffrey J. Sroczynski 2,101 Robert B. Gaw 1,983 Mark D. Constance 1,186 Jeffrey M. Belli 737 Abel Perez 648

House Dist. 70


John G. Edwards (Incumbent) 


John A. Perkins


Little Compton Election:

Little Compton Town Council Candidates (5 seats)  Votes Robert L. Mushen (Incumbent) 1,451 Gary S. Mataronas (Incumbent) 1,377 Paul M. Golembeske (Incumbent) 1,361 Fred M. Boddington, III (Incumbent) 1,339 Charles N. Appleton, Jr. (Incumbent) 1,295


Little Compton School Committee Candidates ( seats) Votes  Thomas C. Allder 1,023 Peg Bugara 896 Micah J. Shapiro (Incumbent) 849 Lynn A. Brousseau Lebreux (Incumbent) 804


Little Compton Treasurer/Tax Collector Candidates  Votes  Mary-Jane M. Harrington (Incumbent) 939 Robert H. Goff, Jr. 764 Patrick McHugh 368
Louis Cypher November 09, 2012 at 11:56 AM


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