Portsmouth Democrats Win Big in Election 2012

Updates on the 2012 Portsmouth election were posted here throughout the day on Tuesday. Connect with us on Twitter at #PatchElections.

Portsmouth residents came out in huge numbers Tuesday to cast their ballot in the 2012 election. 

For the Portsmouth Town Council, voters chose Democrats and a few new faces to lead the board. With nearly 1,000 mail ballots still to be counted, the results are still not official. 

Town Council Republican incumbents, including President Joe Robicheau, Paul Kesson, Liz Pedro and Judi Staven, did not win re-election according to preliminary results. 

For School Committee, however, voters also favored the Portsmouth Democrats. Andrew Kelly, only 21, was elected to the board.  

Check out the preliminary election results below! 

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Preliminary winners are highlighted in blue. You can also view results by precinct here

Correction: The numbers for Town Council and School Committee have been corrected. The votes for the high school were incorrectly doubled. This does not change the winners based on preliminary results. 

Race Candidates Results (Portsmouth only) Senate District 11 (Bristol and Portsmouth) Christopher Scott Ottiano (Republican, incumbent) 


House District 72 (Portsmouth and Middletown) Daniel Patrick Reilly (Republican, incumbent) 2168 Linda Dill Finn (Democrat) 1959 House District 71 (Portsmouth, Tiverton and Little Compton) Dennis Canario (Democrat)  1704 House District 70 (Portsmouth and Tiverton) John G. Edwards (Democrat, incumbent) 845 John A. Perkins Jr. (Independent) 369 House District 69 (Portsmouth and Bristol) Raymond E. Gallison Jr. (Democrat, incumbent) 227 Town Clerk Kathleen Viera Beaudoin (Republican, incumbent) 6167 Portsmouth School Committee (four-year term) (three seats available) Terri-Denise Cortvriend (Democrat) 4637 Emily Copeland (Democrat) 5578 Andrew Kelly (Democrat) 4815 Norbert J. Rattay (Republican) 3804 School Committee (two-year, 1 unfulfilled term)  John Wojichowski (Democrat) 4156   Michael Joseph Daly (Republican)  3423 Portsmouth Town Council (two-year term) (seven seats available)  John Blaess (Democrat)
4600 3966 3940 Paul Francis Kesson (Republican, incumbent) 3406 Robert Church (Democrat) 3252 Elizabeth Pedro (Republican, incumbent) 3460 Frederick W. Faerber III (Democrat) 3476 Joseph W. Robicheau (Republican, incumbent) 3329 Leonard Barry Katzman (Democrat) 3495 Judith J. Staven (Republican, incumbent) 3160 Mary Donohue Magee (Democrat) 3527 3912 David M. Gleason (Independent) 3564 Allen J. Shers (Independent) 2685 Town Sergeant Philip T. Driscoll (Independent) 5563

Local Ballot Question

Issue Accept Reject Local Question 8 Charter Review Committees 5141 2502 Local Question 9 Council Proceedings 5431 2257 Local Question 10 Town Administrator's Annual Report 6863 898 Local Question 11 Town Engineer 4553 2940 Local Question 12 Public Works Director  4917 2661 Local Question 13 Parks, Recreation, Etc. 5029 2846 Local Question 14 Personnel  4912 2424 Local Question 15 Planning Board 5523 2039 Local Question 16 Town Administrator/Personnel 5323 2046

For full details on the Local Ballot Questions, see the sample ballot at above. 

mark Katzman November 09, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Chris - Did you have a problem with Jamie R. B. Heaney's age? A simple yes or no will do the trick.
Joe November 10, 2012 at 07:11 AM
Chris Black Real Questions: 1. Does Andrew own a house or rent? Does he still live with the parents? 2. Has he held a paying job longer than five years? 3. Has he ever had to make any tough discussions in the "real world"? Thus effecting thousands? 4. Has he voted for a president before last night? Simple yes or no will do the trick. These are not Yes or no questions. 1.Does not matter as long as he is a citizen he could be living in a cardboard box. 2.Station in life does not disqualify you from serving the people. (See Bill of Rights). 3.Merely an opinion on your part that one need experience and therefore not relevant. (See Lives of Founding Fathers. They formed the greatest free Society in the history of the world). 4.Obvious to anyone that he is of age. You need to see his birth certificate? Just wondering lol. The Election is over what has come to pass will be endured like all elections are. We are not a Utopian Society of perfection. We must give people the benefit of the doubt after they are elected if they are an unknown, or we cannot progress and evolve as a society. I didn't vote for Obama first time, but after he was elected I hoped he would be different, however it was not to be in my opinion. Next Election you will know if Andrew was a good choice or not. For now it is wait and see time. I do not know the guy personally nor do my family members in Portsmouth for clarity. Just a thought.
Patriot November 10, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Yes. Numbers don't lie. It is truely what the residents of Portsmouth want.
Patriot November 10, 2012 at 08:23 PM
The degree to which the NEA may support the Democratic Party has nearly nothing to do with Portsmouth.
Patriot November 10, 2012 at 08:24 PM
Barry - I have spoken before Ms. Pedro and found her to be rude and arrogant, and quick to align herself with the PCC liers.


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