New Faces to Sit on Middletown Town Council

Although there are 700 absentee ballots outstanding, it appears Middletown Town Council will have new faces.

[updated at 9:30 a.m. The official count will be available around 2 p.m. this afternoon, according to officials.]

After Tuesday's election, Middletown Town Council might have several new members.  The results do not include 700 absentee ballots that remain to be counted. 

Three incumbents did not receive enough votes for re-election, including current Council President Arthur Weber.  Councilors Edward Silveria and Antone Viveiros also did not receive enough votes at the polls. Councilor Richard Cambra did not seek re-election. 

Challenger Paul Rodrigues was the top vote-getter for Middletown Council, pulling in 3262 total votes. 

"I am very proud," said his 88 year-old mother, Georginna Rodrigues with a wide smile during the democratic election party at Easton's Point Pub.

Subject to the absentee ballots, the following candidates make up the top seven vote getters for the Middletown Town Council.

  • Paul Rodrigues 3262
  • Bruce Long 3158 (incumbent)
  • Christopher Semonelli 3022 (incumbent)
  • Theresa Santos 2983
  • Richard Adams 2885
  • Barbara Vonvillas  2864 (incumbent)
  • Robert J. Sylvia 2761

Linda Finn vs. Daniel Reilly (RI State House of Representatives Race)

The race for the seat in the State House of Representatives between incumbent Daniel Reilly and challenger Linda Finn remains very close. 

"It's been a great race, very civil race" said House Candidate Linda Finn, who is leading incumbent Reilly by around 87 votes. There are approximately 1700 absentee ballots in Middletown and Portsmouth that might be outstanding.

Other Election Related Info

State Senator Louis DiPalma, who ran unopposed, said the long lines at the polling stations were a serious issue that need to be addressed once the legislative session begins in January.  Some residents reported they had to wait over two hours to vote. 

The proposals to renovate the Middletown Fire Station -  question 8 - passed with 68 percent approval.  The proposed changes to the town charter also passed.  The numbers for each question are available on the board of elections web site. 

Poll numbers (does not include absentee ballots)

Representative in General Assembly - District 72

Candidate Votes (includes Portsmouth & Middletown 

Daniel Reilly (REP)
Linda Finn (DEM)

Representative in General Assembly - District 73

candidate votes Marvin L. ABNEY (DEM) 806 Write-in 10

Representative in General Assembly - District 74

Candidate votes Deborah L. RUGGIERO (DEM) 1796 Anthony A. MASTROSTEFANO (REP) 82

Town Council


Party Votes Bruce Long
Independent 3158
Christopher Semonelli
Democratic 3022
Edward Silveira Jr. Democratic 2761
Antone Viveiros
Republican 2353
Barbara Vonvillas
Independent 2864
Arthur Weber Jr.


Candidate Party Votes Richard Adams
Democratic 2885
Cheryl Foster
Republican 2087
Richard Francis Jr. Democratic 2662
Olin "Butch" Gambrell
Democratic 2435
Paul M. Rodrigues Democratic 3262
M. Theresa Santos Republican 2983
Robert J. Sylvia Democratic 2842

School Committee
2 to elect

Candidate Votes Kellie Elizabeth DiPALMA 3960 William R. O'CONNELL 3274 WRITE-IN 48
Lion King November 08, 2012 at 05:41 PM
I am very saddened to see Mssrs Rodriguez and Sylvia, and Ms. Santos return to the dais. The last council upon which they sat, and over which Mr. Rodriguez ruled, was one of the most divisive and quarrelsome group of "leaders" seen in many years. I wish them better luck this year, and hope that they can rally around something more pressing than the East Main billboards.
Npt Native November 08, 2012 at 06:17 PM
It doesn't look like the "new" faces are so new. Middletown needs to wake up and put some new blood on the town Council. Looks to me like the same old people with the same old ideas.
big blue November 09, 2012 at 04:25 AM
How about the new face on the school committee...are you kidding me!!!! Chris S nominated this person...too bad Chris was reelected...what is this all about 4 other strong candidates and this is the new face we have for our children
Red Storm November 09, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I noticed that. Was this appointment a joke! What a slap in the face to the school committee not to mention the disrespect to Mr. Crowley. The TC picked someone who is polar opposit that wonderful man. A disgrace. All of the TC should have been dethroned!


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