Mail Ballots Result in New Winner For Council Race

A count of mail ballots results in a difference of only 3 votes for one Portsmouth Town Council race!

The state Board of Elections' count of nearly 1,000 mail ballots in Portsmouth on Thursday resulted in a new winner for the Portsmouth Town Council race. 

In a difference of only three votes, incumbent Republican Elizabeth Pedro took the final seventh seat on the council with 3,789 votes. The previous projected winner, Democrat Leonard Katzman, received a total of three votes less than Pedro. 

It is unknown at this time if Katzman will request a recount of the votes. 

Featured below is the final tally of votes, including mail ballots. 

Race Candidates Preliminary results (Portsmouth only) Final results (with mail ballots) Senate District 11 (Bristol and Portsmouth) Christopher Scott Ottiano (Republican, incumbent) 


House District 72 (Portsmouth and Middletown) Daniel Patrick Reilly (Republican, incumbent) 2168 2389 Linda Dill Finn (Democrat) 1959 2138 House District 71 (Portsmouth, Tiverton and Little Compton) Dennis Canario (Democrat)  1704 1842 House District 70 (Portsmouth and Tiverton) John G. Edwards (Democrat, incumbent) 845 897 John A. Perkins Jr. (Independent) 369 397 House District 69 (Portsmouth and Bristol) Raymond E. Gallison Jr. (Democrat, incumbent) 227 252 Town Clerk Kathleen Viera Beaudoin (Republican, incumbent) 6167 6724 Portsmouth School Committee (four-year term) (three seats available) Terri-Denise Cortvriend (Democrat) 4637 5044 Emily Copeland (Democrat) 5578 6045 Andrew Kelly (Democrat) 4815 5204 Norbert J. Rattay (Republican) 3804 4166 School Committee (two-year, 1 unfulfilled term)  John Wojichowski (Democrat) 4156 4490   Michael Joseph Daly (Republican)  3423 3757 Portsmouth Town Council (two-year term) (seven seats available)  John Blaess (Democrat)
4600 4968 3966 4335 3940 4263 Paul Francis Kesson (Republican, incumbent) 3406 3737 Robert Church (Democrat) 3252 3548 3460 3789 Frederick W. Faerber III (Democrat) 3476 3764 Joseph W. Robicheau (Republican, incumbent) 3329 3655 Leonard Barry Katzman (Democrat) 3495 3786 Judith J. Staven (Republican, incumbent) 3160 3459 Mary Donohue Magee (Democrat) 3527 3823 3912 4238 David M. Gleason (Independent) 3564 3864 Allen J. Shers (Independent) 2685 2929 Town Sergeant Philip T. Driscoll (Independent) 5563 6049

Local Ballot Question

Issue Accept Reject Local Question 8 Charter Review Committees 5620
Local Question 9 Council Proceedings 5988
Local Question 10 Town Administrator's Annual Report 7482
Local Question 11 Town Engineer 4949
Local Question 12 Public Works Director  5324
Local Question 13 Parks, Recreation, Etc. 5442
Local Question 14 Personnel  5363
Local Question 15 Planning Board 6042
Local Question 16 Town Administrator/Personnel 5816

J. Lane McMahon November 15, 2012 at 03:03 AM
And this matters to a MA resident,why?
Patriot November 15, 2012 at 02:21 PM
The reason it takes so long for a recount: The Board of Elections only does one recount at a time. There are many communities in Rhode Island who votes for people or issues may be put to a recount. The Board says that they prioritize the recounts and, for example, recount votes for state positions/issues before they do local communities. When a committee's vote (say, Portsmouth's vote for town council) comes up for its turn for a recount (that is they are ready to schedule it) all directly interested parties (such as the person who requested the recount) must be given notice. During the recount, as all machines are being fed a ballot, there are observers from the Board, and observers from the Democratic and Republican parties (and others) should they choose to send an observer - and they always do. As you can see there are logistics involved. All in all this takes time - and it always has; this is nothing new. And, incidentally, there is no statutory time frame the the Board must keep to. I am not defending these facts; I am merely stating them. Having said that, I'm sure we could speed the process up IF WE ASK THEM IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS TO PLEASE HURRY UP
Bill Carson November 15, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Thanks for the information.I understand the logistics. I would think the sooner the better to get recount. It should not take over 7 days . The voting didn't go that well in Rhode Island .Long lines and hours of waiting with ballots delivered to the wrong towns and broken voting machines. Many people who went to vote in the morning never got to vote in some towns because the ballots were delivered to the wrong towns. We need accurate ballot accounting and secure chain of custody of election materials and equipment. The longer they take on these recounts shows poor prerequisites for good post-election audits. To often ballots are found unsecured in broken election equipment days after elections .
JimR November 15, 2012 at 04:47 PM
Recount for Portsmouth Town Council is scheduled for Friday 11/16 at 12PM.
Sandy McGee November 15, 2012 at 05:06 PM
Thank-you Jim!


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