Letter: Same Old Routine for Scott Guthrie

By Richard Polselli


Here we go again, Scott Guthrie started right where he left off from the last legislative session. Fresh off the campaign trail where once again he deceived the voters as a man of the people.

True to his union ways he has currently filed legislation to bring fire departments up to the NFPA code 1987 labor standards. Has he not the slightest idea what this will cost municipalities and fire districts already crippled by pension costs? This would cost fire districts and municipalities undoubtedly millions for the upgrades.

Shall we push this cost on our already beleaguered taxpayers? However this should be no surprise because this is from the man who is a retired fire fighter who is on a $35,000 tax-free disability pension. He also voted against the landmark pension reform that saved our cities and towns millions.

Mr. Guthrie also does not have to worry about his property taxes, he currently now has a disability tax freeze that his democrat buddies on the town council modified for him two years ago. No wonder he has no problem with raising taxes when he is not subject to any.

I also find it interesting he did not sign on the letter that Senator Kettle and other members of the Coventry legislative delegation had sent to the Attorney General requesting an investigation into the Central Coventry Fire District. Again he is protecting his union and fire fighter buddies who handsomely donate to his campaigns.

Just this past election cycle Rep. Guthrie received over $10,000 from the union special interest PACS. When will the people of District 28 smarten up and get rid of Scott Guthrie because he is not for the people and we can no longer afford him! Lets hope 2014 the taxpayers union will prevail!

Richard Polselli

Coventry, RI

Leave RI February 10, 2013 at 09:27 PM
I didn't see anything in this letter that you couldn't apply to most politicians in this state as well as in D.C. right now..I don't know either one of you two personally, however, Guthrie appears to be the authors' "Jodie Foster" a lot of odd attention to personal as well as public stuff...hmmm
RS February 11, 2013 at 12:36 AM
Mr Polselli makes this NFPA code out to be a bad thing. It's a SAFETY code. So you are against SAFETY standards for firefighter????? You are against making sure municipalities update equipment and track hazardous materials exposure for Firefighters????? You know, enough with bashing public employees. Some of this stuff is actually LIFE and DEATH important.
eye in the sky February 11, 2013 at 02:00 AM
What do you expect from the owner of "Richards Oil"., It's all about profits..right Richard??


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