EBEC Continues Push For Tiverton Wind Farm

At its July 16 meeting, EBEC refocused its push to create a renewable energy engine in the Tiverton Industrial Park, reports EcoRI News.


The East Bay Engery Consortium will continue its push for a renewable energy project at the Tiverton Industrial Park, though conversations will likely stall until after November elections, according to reports from EcoRI News.

At the consortium's July 16 meeting members discussed refocusing plans around new state zoning guidelines for wind turbines, which includes cutting the number of turbines from 10 down to 5 and installing solar arrays in the 177-acre industrial park. EBEC planners reportedly said the changes would still allow for a profitable project.

Thomas Moses, legal counsel to the consortium, said the regional municipal collaborative was defeated this spring because of an outcry from local Tea Party activists and a letter from Gov. Lincoln Chafee to become a public-private entity, according the the EcoRI News report. 

Moses said opposition to the 10-turbine project in Tiverton originally arose from a provision in the legislation that sought the power of eminent domain - which some represented as a government power grab, said EcoNews RI. The bill died after revisions dropped the eminent domain provision, but placed EBEC under the umbrella of the state Economic Development Corporation just as the agency began to unravel around the collapse of 38 Studios.

We got hit by a tsunami," Moses told EcoRI News at the Monday night meeting in Bristol. "Who would have predicted the 38 Studios situation."

EBEC was formed in 2009 with the intent to reduce municipal costs by collaborating on energy-saving projects and leveraging the buying power of its nine communities. The consortium continues to work on other initiatives to help cut energy costs in the region.

Roy Bonner July 23, 2012 at 04:54 PM
You're both right. Portsmouth did not make any money --- the government subsides paid, the power company had to pay for power it didn't need, didn't want, at above market rates because they were made to do it ! That cost is getting passed to us the rate payers ! Its on your bill every month! Our tax money is paying for this stuff ---its just like Studio 38 --Solindra ---when are we going to learn? If Portsmouth can't cover the bond cost then the tax payers are on the hook. This whole energy program is a boondoggle from start to finish --- but we're saving the planet, right?. This is idealogy and some people still beleive in the tooth fairy ! Here's a very simple question --How many of you will buy a stock certificate with your own money, in the company that made all this happen in PORTSMOUTH? So now they want to repeat it in Tiverton? These programs always get support if its somebody elses money or they think it is.
Gary Morse July 23, 2012 at 05:00 PM
Sorry Mr Moses, but the issue was that EBEC was beginning to look just like 38 Studios. Per the EBEC website, the $335,000 in EDC grant money provided in 2010 was supposed to pay for a Phase III study. Instead of taxpayers getting the promised Phase III study (which remains incomplete in 2012), we found out that in 2011, the EBEC Board voted to allow just 2 sitting board members to approve all expenses from that grant. Following that vote, your law firm was new recipient of the funds, not the completion of the Phase III study. We're still waiting for that promised Phase III study Mr Moses.
john harker July 23, 2012 at 05:10 PM
What goes for Tiverton so goes for the East Bay. The political game that is on the table is the creation of quasi-governmental jobs by using federal dollars to start a wind project and then use the state renewable energy charge, a malleable charge controlled at the statehouse, as a means to fund it in perpetuity. The jobs go to political insiders and their support service-people that include bond underwriters and lawyers. All in the name of ratepayers. As there is money to be found through federal grants and friends-of-legislators to be looked after, we can expect to see this kind of approach to continue in the manner gambling resurfaces every session, even though there's a constitutional amendment to limit its expansion.
William F Horan July 24, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Bunko scam fraud and a looting of the electrical rate payer and tax payer while destroying our public utilities structure. SOP for the RI General Assembly and its EDC. So called renewable green energy is based on voodoo math, excessive subsidies and inflated electrical rates. We need a viable energy policy and companion conversion and distribution of electrical power that remains affordable, predictable and reliable. This EDC SOLAR and Wind turbines do not meet the requirements. Solution increase the size of natural gas transmission lines to RI and increase the size of the Johnston RI facilities, Look toward R&D disruptive technologies for the future, Global warming and peak oil are both junk science & frauds. e mist shut down and kill the ill advised and dangerous RI GA EDC EBEC before it squanders even more tax payer and rate payer monies. Both Government and Academia have over stepped their roles responsibilities and enumerated limited powers. Public Utilities and the RI PuC must be allowed to assume their charters by law roles and responsibilities. We are very shocked re the EBEC agenda and specifically exhibited behaviors attributed to elected officials. Yes,the intellectual dishonesty, ignorance & incompetence demonstrated by several political figures and elected officials!? This does not pass the smell test, business & technical models etc. Hopefully the Federal Government will shortly sunset the between 20 and 30 years support of this failed agenda.


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