A 'Step Forward' for Tiverton's Industrial Park

The Tiverton Town Council unanimously approved changes to the the zoning ordinance that will make the town's 177-acre industrial park more attractive to developers.

The Tiverton Council voted unanimously on Monday to approve changes to the zoning ordinance that will attract large-scale developer's to the town's industrial park off of Fish Road.

The changes are intended to open the 177-acre plot off of Route 24 near the Fish Road exit to any business from renewable energy - as was proposed by Natural Energy Generation in February - to medical to offices.

"From our standpoint of economic development this is a step toward progressive development of the industrial park," said Leonard Schmidt, president of the town's Economic Development Committee. "This process has been going on in the town for about 20 years and it is coming to a point where we have several opportunities to turn it into an income producing asset to the town more so than it it."

The change creates an environment for planned development parks through the town's proposed subdivision of the park's former lots. Under the new plan, the Town Council will retain the authority to review and discuss the development standards and guidelines of any enterprise that attempts to develop within the park.

"This is the first step without relinquishing any control, but this at least creates more options and creates a vision for a process," said Kate Michaud, of the Panning Department. "It also creates a streamlined permitting process for someone who might want to develop in the park."

In February, His plans have a provision to develop a town square, the  and municipal offices on parcels of a 70-acre site at $1 for each parcel. He also offered to pay for the town's bond to build the new library on Bulgarmarsh Road.

At the time, council members questioned whether Felise's proposal would conform to Tiverton's zoning and comprehensive plan. The zoning amendment passed tonight aims to clearly lay out the uses allowed in Tiverton's industrial park so that the town can manage developers like Felise.

Tiverton also spent the last year studying the  (EBEC) that could distribute energy to nine municipalities.

"Zoning has a lot to do with the marketability of the property, it should be advanced with marketing so that we can identify what can be done with it from a development standpoint," said Schmidt. "The importance of this has a lot to do with making it marketable and enabling what is going to be a long term process of development."

According to Schmidt, the industrial park is currently providing about 13 percent revenue against the revenue invested into the park, but has the potential to grow to much more.

"This is the largest zoning decision the town has had," said Councilman Robert D. Coulter.

KSilvia June 26, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Yes Joe because it is only "school" people who post anonymously. I hope you aren't intending on bringing that kind of divisive attitude to the Town Council.
Louis Cypher June 27, 2012 at 10:46 AM
Councilor Fred Floon and those crazy broads stopped posting as well. Do you think there's some sort of conspiracy afoot? Maybe they are all the same person. What do you think, Jethro?
Narragansett Warrior June 27, 2012 at 01:39 PM
The path from Tiverton to Washington has been started with this first step.Linc's toll over the revenue stream that is the EBEC needs terminals to fuel our infrastructure.Our town meeting of June 25 told the state and federal $$ that we are open for business.Thanks, TTC +EDC
Rio Sakonnet July 02, 2012 at 12:33 AM
The US as of 4-15-2011 had the highest combined Federal and State business taxes in the world at 39.2%. With Obamacare an additional 22 new taxes will be levied on businesses. With a Progressive sitting in the state house another in the White House there is little chance of the business climate improving in Tiverton or RI, despite the TC's 'pro' business attitude. Too many of our fellow Tivertonians don't yet understand that the nature of business has changed locally, nationally and globally. Creating an industrial park may have been a viable solution for Tiverton in the 1970's, 80's and 90's, but in the world of 2012 developing an industrial park, premised upon a shaky green technology panacea is an effort in futility. We need only look past our northern state and town boarder to the city and state of Fall River, MA and the huge number of available industrial parks and special development zones that sit empty. Empty despite the fact that both the City of Fall River and the State of Massachusetts offer incentives to attract business. Incentives that RI could only dream about. On top of this lies the stark reality that the facilities being offered in Fall River already come with the goodies business likes such as roads, electricity, water, a low wage semi skilled workforce and lots of tax incentives. Like a successful business this industrial park must be constructed to address real needs. The ability to recognize and satisfy a need is vital to the success of this endeavor.


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