Of Bells and Whistles: New 'Rescue' in Little Compton

The Little Compton Fire Department recently purchased a new ambulance.

Just last month, the received a very large delivery: a brand new ambulance.

While the new "rescue," as Fire Chief Richard Petrin refers to it, is essentially the same as the old one, it does boast a few specific bells and whistles.

The new ambulance has updated colors and graphics representative of the Little Compton Fire Department. Along with a larger patient compartment, lighting technology was also upgraded to include LED lights. Most importantly, the rescue is now wired to include a laptop, which will allow emergency medical service workers to access statewide patient tracking for the individuals that they transport.

According to Petrin, the new rescue has already been put to use.

"It's our busiest truck," he said.

The new rescue vehicle had been purchased to replace the old ambulance, which had general wear and tear.

"The milage was getting excessive and it had corrosion issues," Petrin said.

The old truck, however, remains fully operational and will stay in reserve status until the need arises.

dawn correiro July 06, 2011 at 11:51 AM
Congratulations to the firefighter and the E.M.T.Good luck in saving lives.
Judy Truchon July 06, 2011 at 02:14 PM
Many thanks go out to the dedicated EMT's and firefighters who man the Little Compton Fire Department. They all deserve much praise for the services they provide Little Compton citizens.


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