Beaches Reopen As 'Jaws' Scene Ends

A great white shark washed up on shore over the weekend.

Gooswing Beach and South Shore Beach are open, Little Compton Police confirmed, after a scene from "Jaws" broke out over the weekend.

Police closed both beaches after a great white shark washed up on the beach, just across the town line in Westport, MA, Saturday.

Gary Severa says he was out fishing about an hour before dawn when he spotted the animal from a distance, at first mistaking it for driftwood, wpri.com reported. As he got closer to it, he realized it was a shark.

"It was actually a little scary to look at," he said.

Mystic Aquarium representatives identified it as a great white, and worked with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to remove the giant fish, police said.


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