Hurricane Sandy Dubbed 'Frankenstorm'; What Middletown Should Expect

The area should prepare for possible flooding, high seas and strong wind gusts

[Updated Oct 26 12:10 p.m.]

Hurricane Sandy plowed through Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba as a Category 2 storm on Thursday, leaving at least 21 dead.   It appears that it will pass Flordia, but is expected to hit land in New England.

Out of worries that the hurricane might merge with a snowstorm currently forming over the Great Lakes, forecasters have dubbed it  “frankenstorm." That's one ugly Halloween storm.

Middletown Fire Chief Ronald Doire said the hurricane was pointed directly at Rhode Island on Thursday morning, but it has since changed directions.  Forecasters now expect the storm to touch land around New Jersey. Doire serves as the spokesman for Middletown’s Emergency Management team.

“In the last 12 hours it really changed,”  said Doire Thursday evening.

Middletown can expect inclement weather on Sunday and into the week.

“We don’t anticipate much more than that,” said the chief.

On Friday morning the National Weather service said there is moderate confidence the area could experience impacts

"Impacts may include high seas and storm surge that could combine with high astronomical tides to produce coastal flooding," reported the NWS.

If landfall is south of Cape May, N.J., there will be a moderate impact for New England; if landfall is north of Cape May, there will be a more significant impact for New England, reported NWS Friday morning. 

Doire said flooding is a concern.  He said at this time of year, leaves are on the ground which clog storm drains and cause flooding.  He asks that residents check drains in the streets around their houses and clear out any debris.

Since the area can expect high winds, residents should secure lawn furniture and bring in Halloween decorations.  On Thursdayremove all temporary signs from the town.  

Doire said this is a good reminder that individuals who require special assistance during an emergency should be registered with the state.

As of Thursday afternoon, there is no plan to open a shelter in the area.  If situation requires, Gaudet Middle School will serve as a regional shelter for the area.

“It could change," said the chief.  "These storms are very difficult to predict.”

Middletown Patch will continue to bring you updates as they come in from the town.  Make sure you are signed up for the daily newsletter as well as breaking newsletter to stay current on the storm.  We also post updates on our facebook page as they come in.  


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