Say No To A Planner

Say no to new hires

The Tiverton Town Council again this year wants to hire a Town Planner . We had a planner years back who had little to do . He spent more time doing the town administrators duties than any thing else . We all saw the plans for the north end . Pipe dream renderings that had no base in reality . The truth is there's not enough work for a part time planner .  We see more businesses leaving town than coming in . The council should be reducing regulations,not drawing new ones . They turned away several businesses that wanted to buy lots in the industrial park ?

This council needs to come back to earth . The roads in Tiverton  are reverting to gravel with over eight million dollars of needed repairs . The schools need close to the same amount in repairs . Adding staff that's not needed is not in the best interest of our town . The average home owner can expect another tax increase this year . Three or four hundred dollars more on top of the already heavy burden . Did the average resident get a pay raise this year ?

You get the Government you elect .
Tea Party Shill March 17, 2014 at 07:12 AM
I think JoJo was born in Kenya too.


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