What? Yet another vote for Mack without voting on other finalists first???

Water authority to schedule another vote for Cameron and Mittleman.


The saga continues....  Please see the Patch article regarding the appointment of legal counsel to BCWA: http://patch.com/A-164C

As the ratepayers pointed out, the 4-3 vote was not legal. Ms. Mack was in the room at the time of the vote. The ethical thing for her to do would have been to advise the board at that time that 4 votes was not enough and to move on to vote on the other finalists.  (I know, I know..... much too much to expect...)  So, the will be voting, yet again, on the legal RFP.  (Do you get the impression that they have already decided not to make any changes?)

From the article:

"Marchand also said that the board may also recommend a contract with one of four other firms who applied — Keough & Sweeney, LTD; Schacht & McElroy; Petrarca & McGair; and Adler Pollock & Sheehan — if a third vote on Cameron & Mittleman should be unsuccessful." [emphasis added]

The above statement is totally unacceptable! There should not be a third vote on Cameron & Mittleman until there has been a vote for the other two finalists.  What are they thinking? That they can just keep holding votes, over and over again, until the get the result that they desire???  The implication here is that there has to now be a "third vote" on Mack and that there is somehow an underlying acknowledgement that "the board" really wants to retain Mack. But "they" didn't know they needed 5 votes and so let's let them have a "do over" on Mack so that they can stack the deck with 5 who will vote for her. Kind of an assumption that if they had known the real rules, they would have made it come out 5 for Mack. But the problem is that SHE was the lawyer who let them do it "wrong" over and over, including that - now we're supposed to believe that none of the board members even knew they needed 5 votes - and SHE didn't tell them!

This is outrageous folks! Please comment on the article and, if possible, call your Town Councilors and appointed directors to let them know it is time for a change!

As I have  mentioned before, we also have a scenario here where many other "illegal" votes may have been passed with less than five votes, assuming that they relly didn't "know" five was required.

I know that we all agree that, in order to get our water authority on the right track, we need competent legal counsel. Ms. Mack is way beyond the "three strikes and you're out" phase.

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Bob Venice February 04, 2013 at 04:01 AM
All this is telling me that no one in power really cares what people say on Patch. It also tells me that by the poor showings at BCWA meetings, Town Council meetings, Town financial meetings, that the citizens don't care about how things are run. I have had it. I will never post another blog. I'm retiring into my backyard where I can breath in that nice odor of goats. God Bless you all.
Jack Baillargeron February 04, 2013 at 04:32 AM
You do have to wonder Downtown, why law enforcement is not looking at all this in my opinion.
Lorraine F February 04, 2013 at 02:57 PM
Bob, I love reading your comments. I know the indifference of others is difficult to deal with, but for those who do care, people appreciate engaged bloggers (on both sides of the subject).
Jack Baillargeron February 04, 2013 at 05:12 PM
Well I agree Bob that many do not speak out, there are varity of reasons for it that are not their fault. It is not easy for people to speak at meeting as they have a fear of speaking publicly. This applies to I believe I read about 90% of the population of the Country. It is just a human condition. I have also read the same for people blogging comments on on political issues because of the paranoid thing of friends finding out a few that they may not agree with. That is sad but it also happens a lot. I know many who emial me or I have talked to that just can't do it. Especially long time resididents. I do not fault them for this since in the 45 years I played out and sang in front of crowds, there were times when I was scared as could be. Don't know why just happened a few times. I do wish our politicians would speak out more on these issues like the BCWA and speak directly and to the point with no double talk. It would be sad if you quit commenting on issues Bob, because I assure you the politicians and those in power do read them. Not to mention if it makes one person look at your comments and say, hey he is right and it may make them go to a meeting on the issue you are discussing or speak out themselves. It that not worth your time, since like me I assume you have that time. Please continue to post, and remember that those who do not speak are not heard ;-}.
Jack Baillargeron February 04, 2013 at 05:14 PM
PS. Being a thorn in the side of the powers that be is a great feeling I think any way lol.


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