Marriage Equality Will Bring Economic Opportunity, NCCC Says

The Newport County Chamber of Commerce released a statement recognizing the positive impact marriage equality would have on the local economy.

The Board of Directors of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce has issued a statement endorsing same-sex marriage legislation in Rhode Island.

In Portsmouth, the Glen Manor House already expressed an interest in same-sex marriage, saying the legalization could bring added revenue to the business. 

The NCCC said in its release that it recognizes “the positive economic impact seen by the hospitality and wedding industries in states, including our neighboring New England states, with marriage equality.”

 “Marriage equality could have a substantial positive economic impact on our members, especially in the hospitality and wedding industries,” said Laura F. Pedrick, chair of the Newport County Chamber Board of Directors. “Currently, Rhode Island is at a competitive disadvantage with our New England neighbors who already have marriage equality.”

The day after the House Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to recommend passage of legislation allowing same-sex marriage in Rhode Island, The Rhode Island House of Representatives approved it 51 to 19.

Rep. Arthur Hardy is the primary sponsor for the bill, said the same-sex marriage legislation is “about justice and equity for same-sex couples, but is also emotional and personal for so many who have worked for years for marriage equality.”


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