Top 5 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Tiverton And Little Compton

Check out the five most expensive properties currently for sale in the Tiverton - Little Compton area.

Ever wonder how much the most expensive homes in Tiverton and Little Compton cost? Check out the list of the five costliest properties in the area:

1. 263-273 Brayton Point Road, Little Compton 

List Price: $12,900,000
Listing Agent: Gustave White Sotheby'S Realty
Beds: 4  Baths: 2
Living Area: 2,000 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1939

2. 43-47 Washington Road, Little Compton

List Price: $8,795,000
Listing Agent: Residential Properties
Beds: 3  Baths: 3
Living Area: 2,500 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1930

3. 82 A Warren's Point Road, Little Compton

List Price: $7,500,000
Listing Agent: Residential Properties
Beds: 5  Baths: 6
Living Area: 8,723  sq. ft.
Year Built: 2002

4. 65 Warren's Point Road, Little Compton

List Price: $7,500,000
Listing Agent: Gustave White Sotheby's Realty
Beds: 9  Baths: 7
Living Area: 84,272 sq. ft.
Year Built: 1940

5. 563 Puncateest Neck Road, Tiverton

List Price: $3,900,000
Listing Agent: Country & Coastal Properties
Beds: 5  Baths: 7
Living Area: 7,170 sq. ft.
Year Built: 2001

spa lover August 03, 2012 at 10:41 PM
Who cares. Show me the most affordable!
ray August 04, 2012 at 03:15 PM
you have to be a fool to buy a house in this f7ck up town...if you do..bend over and get ready to pay some the highest property taxes in the country...oh but its for the children!!


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