Helger's Turkey Ranch Has Thanksgiving Covered

Helger's Turkey Farm in Tiverton still has 12 -15 pound birds available for your table through Wednesday.


If you're looking for the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving Day table, look no further than Helger's Turkey Ranch.

The family-run farm has been raising generations of plump and delicious white-feathered turkeys since 1939.

"Our turkeys are fresh, all natural with no hormones and they're grain fed," said one of the Helger women, poking her head out from behind the rows of turkey's being wrapped and labeled for delivery to family feasts.

"We deal with a few thousand, it's a smaller scale and a better product," she added, cementing the Helger birds' quality over commercial turkeys bought in big-box supermarkets.

Although the Helger's have been taking orders since mid-October, it's not too late to order one of Tiverton's finest turkeys to serve up on Thursday.

Don't forget to call ahead to make sure your there's a turkey there for you, though. Helger's sells more than 1,000 birds for local Thanksgiving Day tables and supplies are running low.

Last week Helger's was down to a few hundred turkeys sized from 12-15 pounds. Turkeys cost $3.49 per pound.

Pick up is Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you miss out on Thanksgiving turkey madness, there's still a chance to one of Helger's famous turkeys for Christmas. Place your orders early!


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