Tiverton's Unmanned, Robotic Boat Remains Lost at Sea

A Tiverton team has lost track of its unmanned vessel in the Atlantic ocean.

Credit: Scout- The Autonomous Transatlantic Robot Team
Credit: Scout- The Autonomous Transatlantic Robot Team
Scout, the autonomous transatlantic robot built by a team of Tiverton innovators, appears to be lost at sea. 

The unmanned vessel, which launched in August from Fogland Beach, is now lost at sea, according to a post on the team's Facebook page. The full post can be seen above. 

If Scout had completed its journey, the boat would have become the first unmanned boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean above water. The boat came close, traveling more than 1,000 miles from Tiverton before becoming adrift at sea. 

The team received the last transmission from Scout on Nov. 6. 

"A massive thanks to all for making this project possible and for helping us keep an eye on Scout over the last few months," the team wrote. "We hope that you've had a good bit of fun watching this tiny boat try to take on the Atlantic; we certainly had fun building her." 

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