Tiverton Church Youth Groups Preparing Super Bowl Subs

People can pick up their sandwich at Amicable Church this morning.

The youth groups for and in Tiverton are preparing subs and sandwichs Sunday morning to distribute for the Super Bowl.

Theresa Ferreira, J2A youth group leader, said they do this every year before the Super Bowl to raise money for their upcoming trip planned for the summer. Shee added that his year, with the New England Patriots playing in the Super Bowl, makes it even more exciting.

Ferreira said they will be at Amicable at 7 a.m. preparing the subs, essentially Italian grinders, and they can be picked up after the 10 a.m. service. They plan to bring some back to Trinity for distribution. Ferreira noted they will make extra sandwiches for people looking for a snack for the Super Bowl.

The cost for the sub is $8, she said.

Anyone interested should stop by Amicable Church on Sunday morning.


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