Lifelong Tiverton Resident Turns 100

Tiverton's longest living resident, Amelia Camara, turned 100 on Monday.

Lifelong Tiverton resident Amelia Camara celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday and was honored for a lifetime of dedication to her community. 

Amelia grew up alongside Tiverton as the town transformed from a sleepy rural farming community into a modern population of more than 15,000 residents.

Born on Sept. 10, 1912 in the historic Capt. Robert Gray house, Camara still lives on Main Road - right next door to her childhood home. 

At Monday night's Town Council meeting, about a half dozen family and friends accompanied Amelia as she was presented with a proclamation of congratulations.

"I think some of them thought I was going to come out on two canes," said Amelia with a chuckle after the meeting.

For many years, Amelia palyed an active role in Tiverton politics. She served as a member of the budget committee and was a vocal member of the Tiverton Town Democratic Committee. She still votes to this day.

"Every official and citizen in the town of Tiverton extends to Amelia Camara and her family the very best wishes and blessed assurance for continued good health and peace, and congratulates Amelia Camara on her 100th birthday," Town Council President Jay Lambert read form the proclamation.

Also active as a volunteer, Amelia volunteered as an organist for 55 years at Saint Madeleine Sophie Church on Lake Road.

Friends, family and neighbors flew in from all corners of the country to help Amelia celebrate - Las Vegas, North Dakota, Washington D.C. were just a few of the places represented.

They were happy to see Amelia well, happy and on her own two feet, according to Amelia's nephew and caretaker, Raymond Camara.

On March 3 Amelia fell head first down her cellar stairs and underwent a five-hour surgery at Rhode Island Hospital to reconstruct her ankel and leg.

"She complains sometimes about aches and age, but she is in better spirits now that that's all over," he said.

According to Raymond there were about as many people to help celebrate at the shindig at, which was held at Sandywoods, as there are years Amelia has lived:  100.


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